About me

About me

Amavis is a Brand dedicated to sustainability

At 13 years old Ada expressed his passion for fashion creating with any material could recover.
Ada has dedicated his life to fashion: first as a model, then as a manager of some fashion house, and finally as a designer of her exclusive brand dedicated to sustainability.
AMaViS creates new models inspired by the past, draws on unusual materials with attention to detail and finishes, always with elegance and style.

Why Amavis?

Style is Your Identity

All collections are made of recycled materials for an Eco-Fashion style. Find out what your personal style is, choose Amavis!


Recycling Project

The collections are made from recycled material of various types:
plastic bottles, car seat belts, car cover fabrics, mirrors, rivets cans, imperfect sheets of hotel, ties, fabric samples and much more.

Art and Design


The AMaViS Showroom is a creative space where Art and Design come together to give life and new identity to unusual materials manufacturing an Up - Cycled Fashion Products!
Located in Genzano of Rome, Roman Castles area, known for Flowers Festival Street.

Da Amavis troverai

a Unique Environment

The Stylist welcomes you personally and, in a unique atmosphere, you will appreciate models, details and finishes of unique clothes and accessories!


Our Happy Clients

All!!! Obvious answer...eccentricity but not too much...a mix of estrous class and a lot but a lot of imagination...the best and only one from...AMAVIS !!!

Rosanna D.

22 Agosto

Wonderful, unique, professional, a woman who loves other women, loves to make them feel good, every wish will be fulfilled!!!

Michela D.F.

17 Ottobre

Professionalism, commitment and dedicates a lot to what he does. Very friendly and nice. I highly recommend it.!

Roxana N.

14 Maggio